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Motion Light Installation

Enjoy greater security and comfort with our motion light installation services. A motion light can serve two purposes for your home. It can both deter crime and also give you greater comfort in your home with everything well lit when it needs to be.

The three items homeowners should take into consideration when installing their security light systems include location, manufacturer, and installer.

Motion Light Installation Placement

Placement is essential when the planning stages for your motion light installation are underway. Areas that should be considered include side of homes, between houses and behind your house.

Picking the right manufacturer for your motion light installation is another important decision. There are many lights to choose but from our installation experience, there is only one light that has caused the least amount of call backs. RAB Lighting Super Stealth has the following features included:

  • Longest Range: 60 feet of detection in a 180 degree pattern
  • 360 degree Motion Sensor: RAB has two detectors one for distance and the other underneath
  • Temperature Compensation: This means that it’s motion sensitivity is automatically adjusted for optimal detection regardless of the hot or cold temperature outside
  • Surge Protection: Built in surge protection to 6000 volts
  • RF Immunity: protected from radio frequency interference
  • Motion Detector Advance Logic: Minimize false triggers
  • Wattage Capacity: up to 1000 watts

Installation is an extremely important part of adding security lighting to your home. Our technicians will be able to evaluate your home and determine areas of vulnerability on our initial visit. They will then be able to check the circuitry they are tapping power from, to make sure not to overload your circuit. They will then give you options that best fits your needs and budget.

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