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Electrical Safety Month

National Electrical Safety Month

May is National Electrical Safety Month! So at Electrical Connections we have decided to kick off the month with electrical tips to safeguard your home! According to the National Fire Protection Association an average of 51,000 electrical home structure fires…

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Electrical Safety Tips Safety Steve Electrician Image

Electrical Safety Tips

Remember electricity and water don’t mix. Never use electrical appliances close to water. Take an electrical tour throughout your home, searching for potential hazards to be corrected. Never put anything into electrical outlets not intended for them. Make sure electrical…

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Did You Know Fire Safety Electrician Maryland

Did You Know?

During a typical your, homes electrical problems account for 90,000 fires and $700 million in property loss - United States Fire Administration In most area of the country, electrical system inspections are NOT mandatory and are not inspected or updated when…

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