Ceiling fans come in many different styles, colors, sizes, and looks that can provide a home with many great benefits. Ceiling fans are a great way to reduce electric bill, cool down a space, heat up a space, and even light up a space. They provide a nice cool breeze during the warmer times of the year and also release warmer air that rises during those cold months. Common areas of the installation of ceiling fans are in bedrooms, livings rooms, and even porches.

Choosing Ceiling Fans

Choosing a ceiling fan can be a difficult decision due the amount of options. However, the most important aspect of a ceiling fan is getting it installed correctly. If not installed right, ceiling fans can be hazardous and dangerous. The following are items are just a few components to take into account when installing a ceiling fan:

Switch Leg: the cable that gives power and switch control ability to fan
Balancing Kit: Kit used to prevent wobbling
Remote: Control used to turn fan off/on, speed, direction, and lighting
Wall Switch: Switch used to turn fan off/on, speed, and lighting
Light Kit: Kit designed to add lighting feature to fan
Down Rod: Rod used to extend fan from high ceilings
Fan Box: Special box designed to safely secure and designed to handle weight

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