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Christmas Lights Safety Tips

Christmas Lights Safety Tips

The holidays are upon us and the spirit is in the air. It’s that time of year where many people enjoy decorating their homes with lights and their favorite decorations. Here are some Christmas lights safety tips to keep your family safe during the holidays!

  • As you pull out each string of lights from your storage bins, check for loose connections and frayed wiring.
  • Throw away any old electrical decorations that do not meet the current safety standards.
  • Avoid using larger bulb lights, as they tend to burn much hotter than your traditional Christmas lights. This can cause a fire if they are too close to dry flammable material.
  • Make sure you water your tree constantly to keep your tree from drying out and avoid hot lights from igniting a fire with dry tree needles.
  • Use ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets to prevent electrical shocks in wet environments.
  • Keep extension cord connectors elevated when running them along the ground to keep rain, snow and other fragments away from an open connection.
  • Do not leave your Christmas lights on when you leave your home or while you are sleeping. Even the more modern LED lights can be dangerous if they are left unattended.
  • Secure all ground level extension cords inside and outside your home to prevent people from tripping over them.
  • Never use nails, screws, thumbtacks or similar sharp metal spikes to hang Christmas lights, as this is can cause piercing in the wires and make them unsafe.
  • Never chain together more than three strands of lights from one electrical source, as this can cause overheating.
  • Carefully secure your ladder when hanging your decorations and move slowly when working off the ground.
  • When the holidays are over, take the time to carefully pack away each strand of lights and decorations, so they will work properly for many years to come.

We hope that you and your family stay safe as you prepare for the holidays. Hopefully these Christmas lights safety tips are a useful reminder as you begin to decorate. Enjoy your time with each other and spreading the holiday cheer!

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