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Tips For Using Electric Blankets To Keep You Safe And Warm This Winter

Tips For Using Electric Blankets To Keep You Safe and Warm This Winter

The cold weather is here and we have yet to start winter! It’s a high of 38 degrees today in Gaithersburg Maryland and everyone here at Electrical Connections is bundled up. As we move into the winter months, we all look for ways to stay warm and comfortable. Electric blankets are a favorite for many of our customers, so we thought we would provide some safety tips to keep you and your family safe (and WARM)!

  • Always keep your electrical blanket flat when using, because folding can cause heat to be trapped in one area and trigger overheating.
  • Turn off the blanket when you are not using it, even if your model comes with an automatic turn off feature.
  • Turn off your blanket before going to bed as sleeping with it turned on, can cause safety risks.
  • Do not tuck the electrical cord under your mattress. This can cause abrasions and damage the cord, which can be a fire risk.
  • If you are pulling out an older blanket from previous years, it is a good idea to inspect it before putting it to use. If you haven’t already, please check the label and visit the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission to see if your electrical blanket has been recalled.
  • Never use your blanket on a water bed, around wet objects and please do not wash your blanket in a washing machine.
  • Avoid plugging into an outlet that is operated by a light switch to avoid accidentally turning on your blanket without knowing.
  • Keep your blanket free and clear of clutter (especially flammable objects) as this can be a fire risk.
  • Children should be supervised at all times around when using.
  • When storing your blanket, be sure to fold carefully and loosely wrap the cord before placing it in a bag for storage. Also do not place anything on top of the bag when storing.

Now that we have the do’s and don’ts out of the way, we hope that you stay safe and warm in your home this winter. If you ever have electrical safety questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Electrical Connections.

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