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Homeowners Should Know About These Unsafe Electrical Code Violations

Homeowners Should Know About These Unsafe Electrical Code Violations

Unfortunately when it comes to residential electrician services, we have discovered many electrical code violations, when troubleshooting issues for new customers. We have seen everything from bad wiring, to illegal splicing and electrical arcing to outdated electrical systems. More often than not, homeowners are unaware that problems like these are occurring until it becomes a big problem.

As a continued effort to honor electrical safety month, we are devoted to helping our community understand the risks that come with electrician code violations. Our awareness campaign is aimed at informing homeowners to contract reputable certified electricians, to make sure all electrical work performed in their home is done right the first time.

Unsafe Wiring

Wiring is extremely important in our industry. Making sure the wiring in your home is up-to-date is very important to the safety of your electrical system. If you are installing new lights in your home, a common mistake we see, is that a handyman or electrician without integrity may try to cut corners by overloading older wires instead of updating.

Another common issue we find is overcrowding wires that can be wedged together. Wires that are squeeze together through a small hole can potentially damage each other removing part of the protective covering and leading to a possible fire.

By far one of the worst violations we find are illegal splices between wires. It is well known in our industry that any wire splicing must be contained in a junction box, but for whatever reason we still come across this unfortunate situation.

Unsafe Lighting

When it comes to lighting it’s important to use the correct parts and provide enough space for safety in your home. One of the more common problems we see when it comes to lighting fixtures is using a bulb that has higher wattage than recommended for that light. As technology changes in home lighting, it is important to support the lights in your home with the correct electrical setup.

Additionally placing lighting near flammable objects is a major fire risk for homeowners. If you are installing lights in your home you need to be aware of how close the lights are to insulation, curtains and rugs.

One of the worst things you can do to create an unsafe lighting situation is to place towels, blankets or the like over a lamp to control the lighting.

At Electrical Connections we are committed to making our community safer in their homes. If you are unsure if you have an unsafe wiring or lighting situation in your home or would just like to do a precautionary check up on your electrical system, contact us today to setup an inspection. Our customer care representatives are standing by ready to help you schedule an appointment!

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