Is your home’s electrical system safe? Are your shock guard protection devices working? Are your smoke detectors working properly? Do you have fire guard protection in your homes electrical system? When is the last time that your main electrical panel had maintenance?

These are just some of the questions you that you should have answers to as a homeowner. After one visit from our experienced and licensed electrical safety technicians, you will be fully informed on how your home performs in our electrical safety and maintenance inspection.

Our Electrical Inspection Technicians

Our electrical safety technicians will be able to inspect every part of your electrical system and also perform maintenance on your electrical panel. They will gather all the information on an easy to understand assessment form. They will then categorize all issues found from the most dangerous to least.

We will be able to provide you with a per item estimate and create an action plan on what is most important to your family’s safety and budget. We can even take care of most repairs the same day.

Experience proper maintenance that will allow you to enjoy greater peace of mind and increase the life of your homes’ electrical system.

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