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Electrical Panels

Leviton Load Center and Smart Circuit Breakers Electrical Connections Top Electrician Product

There are three major parts that make up your electrical system. They include the main electrical service, which brings power from the power company into your home. Then there is the main power panel, which receives and distributes power. Finally there is the electrical wiring, which sends electricity throughout your home.

The electrical panel is the heart of your electrical system and allows your home to receive and distribute electricity in a safe and efficient manner.

On the surface electrical panels look pretty much the same. It’s what is inside the panels that really makes the difference in an electrical panel. There are three factors to considering when replacing your panel or increasing your electrical service:

What To Know About Electrical Panels

The first factor to consider is the type of panel you will have installed in your home. We have installed hundreds of panels and have used every manufacturer in the industry.

The manufacturer that stands out above the rest is Square D QO. The QO breakers stands for its quick open, which has had little change due to its ability to shut power off faster than any other manufacturer. The panel board itself is made of a solid copper busbar which is where all of your breakers snap into.

The other factor to consider would be the type of material used. Why is copper so important? Copper is not the cheapest material to use but is the best metal on the planet for electrical conductivity. While most installed service upgrades and panels use all aluminum base installation, ours use only copper. It stays cooler reducing the chance of overheating. It is much less prone to corrosion allowing it to last longer and give us the ability to provide a 40-year warranty on all of our installations.

The other factor to consider would be the safety features to have installed within your panel. We offer fireguard protection, which will give your panel the ability to reduce electrical fires by up to 90%. We offer whole house surge protection, which will allow your panel to protect all your electronics and appliances. Our panels also have the capability to monitors your homes energy use by all your appliances and electronics connected to your electrical system. This information can be sent to you through your smart phone giving you the needed information to reduce your energy bill.

Installation of your service upgrade and/or your electrical panel are guaranteed to be installed by expert professional electricians. You can also feel confident in knowing that it will meet and exceed electrical code.  Finally it’s backed with a 40 year warranty on labor and parts. Our panels are designed and engineered to help keep your family, and your property safe from electrical hazards that were previously undetectable.

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