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End Of The Year Homeowner Electrical System Review

End Of The Year Homeowner Electrical System Review

We are less than two weeks away from the new year and 2019 is quickly coming to an end. As we celebrate the holidays, this time of year also provides a great opportunity to assess your electrical system during your downtime. Homeowners can benefit from doing an end of the year electrical system review. Here are some ideas for you to consider, in order to make sure your home electricity is operating at peak performance.

Review Your Electric Bills

Your electric bill is a good indicator if something is awry with your electrical system. Throughout the year, the amount due will fluctuate based on the season and the use of heating and air conditioning. We suggest comparing your bill from previous months (and even better previous years) to identify if there are drastic changes that seem out of the ordinary. Culprits like faulty wiring can cause your electronics to use more power. Additionally, if an appliance is damaged it can possibly consume more power than it should normally.

Check Your Appliances

Appliances are responsible for a majority of the electricity use in your home. As you survey each room, start by unplugging electronics and appliances that you are not using. Also make sure you are keeping them free and clear of water sources. Check to see if your older appliances are grounded. It is imperative to fix any electronics that are not grounded or weigh the cost of purchasing an updated version to replace it. In many cases, updating to a new energy saving appliance, can also save you money in the long term. For electronics that run hot naturally, make sure to position them in a place that gets plenty of air circulation to keep them from overheating.

Inspect Your Chords

As you are going through your home inspecting appliances, it’s a good idea to check each cord for wear and tear. This is especially true for older electronics and is even good practice as you put away your holiday lights. If you tuck electric cords behind furniture, make sure they are free from pinching, as that can be problematic if they are damaged. Also consider updating your extension cords and power strips with surge protection strips.

Free Your Outlets

Often times homeowners find that they don’t have enough outlets or they are positioned in less than ideal locations. For this reason, many people will overload a specific outlet with extension cords, when these cords are meant to be used as a temporary solution. Additionally with newer technology, electronics can draw much more power, which can cause outlets to overload and become dangerous. We recommend having a certified electrician install additional outlets to help you spread out the electricity use in each room.

If you have questions or concerns about how your home electrical system is operating, contact us at Electrical Connections and we can provide a more comprehensive electrical system review.

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