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Early Electrical System Warning Signs

Early Electrical System Warning Signs

Electrical Warning Signs

The introduction of electricity in most residential homes (as a standard) has changed dramatically over approximately the past 90-years. Since the 1930s, the electrical safety feature evolution has really progressed over the past 35 years. Even with the advancement of residential electrical technology, there are still on average 1,400 people injured every year according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International.

Most of the injuries that take place, according to Electrical Connections President & Founder Guillermo Castillo, could be easily avoid by following some simple homeowner safety tips.

What Electrical System Warning Signs Look Like

Most electrical systems will provide you with early warning signs that there might be a problem. If you have appliances that are not working properly or you have lights in your home that are flickering, then these are warning signs from your electrical system.

One of the biggest electrical system warning signs that you may have an electrical problem, comes from the heart of your electrical system, known as your electrical panel. If any of your circuit breakers begins to trip constantly, then this is a red flag. If this happens in your home, we encourage homeowners to have a certified electrical safety advisor do a thorough inspection, because resetting a breaker that is constantly tripping, can lead to serious electrical issues in your home.

Constantly resetting an electrical breaker can actually cause the breaker not to trip, which may leave your family exposed to a serious electrical problem. If there is a bad connection, old electrical wiring or other electrical issues, it is the job of your electrical panel to shut off a specific breaker, to provide you a warning to avoid a larger electrical issue.

The Importance Of An Expert Electrician

By far the number one electrical issue we find in our customer’s homes are bad workmanship by previous electrical contractors, handymen or homebuilders. Having a quality electrical safety advisor working on your electrical issues, is extremely important in the safety and longevity of your electrical system. At Electrical Connections our electrical safety advisors constantly receive training, even after our rigorous electrician apprenticeship, to make sure they are up-to-date on all the newest technology and code changes in our industry.

It’s important to understand that when you hire a handyman (who is a jack of all trades…) to perform a specialized job, then you are potentially putting your home at risk with a larger electrical problem down the road.

A well trained electrician should be able to assess an electrical problem in your home, after trouble shooting and repairing the issue right the first time. The safety advisor should also provide upgrades and safety solutions like adding GFCI receptacles to make your home more safe for your and your family.

At Electrical Connections, we take electrical safety very seriously. Our mission is to keep our customers family safe by providing them with the expert electrical work as well as simple home electrical safety tips. If you are experiencing any electrical warning signs in your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us at a Electrical Connections, so we can quickly trouble shoot your electrical issue and make sure you are safe in your home!

Electrical Connections Ceiling Fans Installation Electrician Maryland

Ceiling fans come in many different styles, colors, sizes, and looks that can provide a home with many great benefits. Ceiling fans are a great way to reduce electric bill, cool down a space, heat up a space, and even light up a space. They provide a nice cool breeze during the warmer times of the year and also release warmer air that rises during those cold months. Common areas of the installation of ceiling fans are in bedrooms, livings rooms, and even porches.

Choosing Ceiling Fans

Choosing a ceiling fan can be a difficult decision due the amount of options. However, the most important aspect of a ceiling fan is getting it installed correctly. If not installed right, ceiling fans can be hazardous and dangerous. The following are items are just a few components to take into account when installing a ceiling fan:

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