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Home EV Charging Station

Home Car Charging Station Maryland Electrician

Now that you have joined the electronic vehicle (EV) club, its time to install a quality EV home charging station. While there are more and more EV charging stations popping up throughout Montgomery County and around the Washington DC area, you can’t rely on those car charing stations alone to keep your electronic vehicle recharged. At Electrical Connections we provide different residential EV charging station options.

Home Car Charging Station

When it comes to home EV charging station installations, there are three levels to choose from.

Level 1 Car Charger

This EV charging station is your normal 120 volt charger that is compatible with basic home outlets. The advantages are it is compatible with all EV car models and installation can be easier. The drawbacks are the low voltage can make recharging a slower process. Depending on the type of EV vehicle that you have, it could take upwards to 30-hours to recharge completely. That being said, a good number of our clients report that they can usually recharge their car over night with no issue.

Level 2 Car Charger

This EV charging station has a 240 volt charger that is similar to outlets your oven and washer would need to operate safely in your home. The advantages to installing this type of home car charging station is that the recharging process is much faster. Some cars can fully recharge in approximately 10-hours. This type of installation requires pulling 240 volts from you electrical panel using a special 4-strand cable to connect to the charging station. Check with your licensed electrician to see if your electronic vehicle will require additional equipment to be compatible with this charger.

What Type Of EV Charging Station Is Right For You?

Determine the distance you travel on a daily basis and your accessibility to commercial EV charging stations in your area. Also understanding the speed at which your car recharges based on the voltages of a charging station is important as well.

Contact Electrical Connections to answer all your questions about home car charging stations, so you can hit the road worry free in your state of the art electronic vehicle.

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