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Light Up Your Summer With Landscape Lighting Designs

Light Up Your Summer with Landscape Lighting Designs

Getting ready to host family and friends for fantastic cookouts this summer? Take your outdoor parties to the next level with landscape lighting designs by the professionals at Electrical Connections. With strategically placed lights, your yard will transform into a magical setting as the afternoon transitions to evening. From backyards to courtyards as well as patio, pools and gardens, our team has the skills to convert your outdoor area into an enchanting setting. Set the mood and keep your family safe as you light up your yard this summer!

Pool and Spa Lighting

Enhance your outdoor experience with well designed pool and spa lighting. Accentuate the aesthetics with color temperature lighting to create your desired atmosphere. Our team can transform your pool and spa area into a boutique resort or a serene sanctuary. At Electrical Connections we use the latest innovations in electrical landscape lighting, to provide you with energy efficient options. Our LED lights provide you with longevity, efficiency and overall cost. Save money long after we have installed your pool and spa lighting, with lower wattage use and a longer lifespan for each light.

Patio Lighting

An extraordinary patio architectural lighting setup makes entertaining guests an enjoyable experience. Subtly display your patio’s finest features with stunning landscape lighting. Our team will design a layout that will draw eyes to specific areas simply by complementing the angles and composition of your patio. We will present you with an assortment of lighting options and work with you collaboratively, to create your dream outdoor setting. We have arrangements for all settings like small decks, large patios and grilling areas.

Garden Lighting

One of the most popular landscape lighting request we receive are garden lighting inquiries. There are an array of lights, lamps and lanterns we can use to upgrade your garden. Whether it is low voltage flood lights to highlight centerpieces of your garden or solar lights to focus on the perimeter, we got your covered. Garden lighting comes in all shapes and sizes. You decide whether you want to blend the lighting with your garden or if you want it to be the star of the show!

Outdoor Lighting Options

When it comes to exquisite landscape lighting, your options are endless! Electrical Connections can install perimeter lights, stair lights, elevated lights and floor lights. Add a dimmer and you can control the brightness and overall mood for your guests.

Perimeter Lighting serves many purposes. It provides an elegant way to set the stage for your overall lighting design. This type of lighting also provides safety moving around the vicinity as well as supporting additional security for your property.

Stair Lights provide additional safety for your family and guest to safely move up and down steps by highlighting the railings and each individual step.

Elevated Lighting is a delightful way to brighten up your yard. String Lights are not just your typical holiday lights used seasonally to decorate your home. Add a cinematic look to your outdoor area by hanging LED string lights from trees, posts and furniture.

Floor Lighting is perfect for outlining your landscape and guiding people throughout the area. We have an abundance of options to meet your floor lamp needs.

If you are interested in learning more about our expert landscape lighting designs, please contact us by sending a message or calling us to setup a consultation at your residence.

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