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Landscape lighting is more than outdoor lighting. The addition of architectural lighting elements and highlighted walkways invite people into your home. You will be amazed at how we can transform your front and backyard into an enhanced outdoor gathering space to share with your family and friends. These lighting services also can enhance water features or be used for increased security for your home.

We believe that landscape lighting is absolutely for every homeowner! We can beautifully design lighting packages for townhomes, single-family houses and larger estates. While we like designing for a larger canvas that comes with many acres of land, we also really enjoy the creativity of designing an illuminating experience in smaller spaces because every inch counts. It all depends on what you are looking for and ultimately what you are trying to accomplish with landscape lighting.

Best Landscape Lighting Brands

We use the best brands when it comes to landscape lighting. Our goal is to make sure your lighting setup is durable and will last for a longtime. Using the right brands will make sure your lighting features withstand water and moisture that comes with the change of seasons we experience here in Maryland.

Our favorite brands to light your outdoor area with are:

Kichler Lighting
Hadco Lighting

Types Of Landscape Lighting

Down Lighting
Up lighting
Path Lighting
Accent lighting
Security Lighting
Step Lighting
Patio Lighting
Pool Lighting
Water Feature Lighting

Our process when we start any landscape lighting project is to review your outdoor area carefully to begin designing a custom lighting layout that is specific to your property. We have the expertise to create a beautiful combination with any of our exterior lighting services that you envision and then we produce an amazing light layering design.

For more information on landscape lighting, please call us or send us a message.

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