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Outlets and Switches

For most homeowners, dealing with electrical issues are usually a reactive process and they don’t have time to be proactive in preventing electricity problems in their home. We are surrounded by electricity in our homes and use outlets and switches to tap into this power on a daily basis. Outlets, over time can wear out and lose their gripping power to make tight connections. Today’s electrical codes also require that all plugs (throughout the home) be child tamper resistant in order to protect your little ones.

Switches through normal use, are turned on and off thousands of time. Over time, the springs lack enough tension to ensure a tight connection. The constant use can leave your receptacles and switches in dangerous conditions. Call today for an evaluation of your current receptacle, switches and plugs from one of our experienced team members.

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Joe R.

At the end of last year my girlfriend said she smelled smoke in our Guest house when coming in and out of our front door. I never smelled anything and dismissed it as someone having a fire outside. That weekend… Read more “Joe R.”

Joe R.
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