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Electric Issues We Suggest Having A Professional Electrician Troubleshoot

Electric Issues We Suggest Having A Professional Electrician Troubleshoot

Electricity is key to making our homes run efficiently and keep us safe. If there is a problem with any part of your electrical system, it can shake up your daily routine and cause safety issues in your home. If you are noticing electric bills that are higher than normal, lights that are starting to flicker or you find damaged electronics throughout the house, this could be a sign that there is an issue with your electrical system. At Electrical Connections we are experts at troubleshooting electrical problems. Below are common issues that we recommend having a professional electrician troubleshoot.

Bright or Dimming Lights

If you are noticing a light in your home that seems brighter or dimmer than normal, there could be an issue with the connection. Also it’s a good idea to note if the brightness of a light changes at various times throughout the day. Additionally if you have light switches that are not working properly, then this can likely be the culprit as well.

Light Bulbs Burning Out Quickly

There are several reasons a light bulb can burn out quickly. There could be a bad connection, bad wiring (on the circuit or elsewhere) or your wattage could be too high. If you are going through new bulbs faster than normal, this would be a good electrical issue to trouble shoot.

High Electrical Bill

There are reasons that an electrical bill will fluctuate that are understandable, such as the changing seasons and the additional use of heating or air condition. There are also many reasons that your bill has increased that should be a cause for concern. For example, wires and circuits could be damaged and could be wearing out your electrical system. Additionally there could be issues with your electrical panel that may need to be addressed. There is also a chance that you have electronics or other appliances that are causing an issue that we recommend having a professional electrician troubleshoot.

Circuit Overload

A common electrical issue we see is circuit breakers tripping because they are overloaded. For example we have seen many homes where a specific circuit is being overloaded by an overwhelming amount of electronics. Start by assessing your electronics and spreading the use of electricity out to different parts of your house. If you are still noticing your breakers are tripping, then we recommend contacting us at Electrical Connections to do a thorough troubleshoot for a more complicated issue.

There are various ways that a home can experience electrical issues. If you notice any of these warnings or have other potential issues you would like to address, contact us at Electrical Connections to setup an appointment with one of our electrical safety advisors. Keeping your electrical system healthy, is the key to making your system last for years to come.

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