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When Should You Replace Your Electric Panel?

When Should You Replace Your Electric Panel?

The electric panel is the heart and soul of your electric system. It receives power from outside power lines and is responsible for distributing that power, throughout your home. So if your panel is not running at peak performance, it can cause problems for your entire electrical system. When should you replace your electric panel? Here are some signals that it’s time to install a new electric panel.

Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

The circuit breakers in your electrical panel are designed to trip and cut off electricity flowing from any circuit, that is drawing excessive power. If this happens in your home once in a while, it could be nothing to worry about. Now if this is an occurrence that happens often, then it could be a telling sign, that there is a more serious issue. Additionally if your breakers do not reset properly, then it may be time to upgrade to a new panel.

25 Years Or Older

Older electrical panels can last between 25-30 years based on the type of panel, how it was installed, as well as the environment of your home. Beyond a situation like a manufacturer’s defect, it also depends on the type of wear and tear your electrical system endures. If your entire system experiences a lot of power surges, this can decrease the life span as well. If you perform the appropriate maintenance and routine electrical inspections, it is possible to get more life out of your panel.

Buying New Appliances

Panels of yesteryear were not designed to handle many of the newer appliances today. With the advancement of technology, electrical panels were not design to distribute the appropriate power supply to these energy demanding appliances. If you are considering purchasing new appliances for your home, it’s a good idea to consult with our certified electrician team, to see if your electrical system can handle it with your current setup.

What’s That Smell?

If you ever experience a burning smell coming from your electrical panel, then it is vital to replace your electrical panel. This is usually caused by defective wiring that could potentially cause a fire risk in your home.

Warm To The Touch

One warning sign that you may have a larger problem on your hands, is if your panel feels warm when to the touch. In this situation it is crucial that you contact us immediately, so we can trouble shoot the issue.

Silence Is Golden

Your electrical panel should never make noise! If you ever hear popping, buzzing or any other sounds coming from your panel, then this is a red flag. There could be a bad connection, faulty wiring or another problem that is posing a safety risk in your home.

Rust Is Not Normal

If you notice rust on your panel, this isn’t a sign of aging. This can be a very serious concern, that water has found a way in and you need to replace your electrical panel. Additionally, you will want to find out where the source of water is coming from, to prevent an even larger issue from occurring.

It is important to us at Electrical Connections that our community is educated on electrical safety. We hope these warning signs provide insight, to help you gage when to replace your electrical panel. If you have any concerns about your electrical system, then contact us to setup a 5-Star electrical inspection in your home.

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