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Surge Protection

Do you have Surge Protection? What are they and what can you afford to lose? Electrical surges are voltage spikes that happen within your electrical system. They can originate outside of your home from lighting strikes and your power company. They can also originate from inside your home with large appliances turning on and off. This can send damaging voltages into your electrical system. These spikes can have devastating effects on anything connected or plugged into your homes electrical system.

How Surge Protection Effects Your House

The average American home has about five or more surges per day, which adds up to over 2000 surges per year. They can cause electronics to burn out or drastically reduce the life span of all your appliances, computers, and smart devices.

The average American home has between $8,000.00 to $10,000.00 worth of appliances in their home. With a blink of an eye they can be destroyed. What is even more devastating is the lost memories that homeowners have when all their cherished pictures and video are wiped away without a trace. We have installed hundreds of surge protection devices in many of our customers’ homes, giving them greater protection and peace of mind.

The most important aspects of surge protection is an evaluation of your main grounding system. To see if your electrical system is surge protection ready, please call us or send us a message.

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