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Mike M.

We have been so pleased with Electrical Connections and all the work they have done for us lately! Tim Davis has been our main guy and boy is he top-notch! Their work is stellar, as is their attention to detail. And anytime there was an issue, it was remedied right away. Tim made sure we were kept informed and understood what was being done and why. And the pricing structure – flat fees – is extremely straightforward which we appreciated. Since the beginning of the year Electrical Connections has completed the following projects for us:

-Replacement and upgrade of our main indoor electrical box (was 150 now 200)
-Replacement and relocation of our outside electrical box
-Mounting of a new large television and relocation of ethernet port and outlets behind it
-Assembly and mounting of a large wall shelf underneath the new television, with new outlets behind it
-Relocation of various light switches and outlets
-Installation of new outdoor outlets
-Replacement of light fixtures and light switches
-Installation of new light fixtures
-Replacement of the electrical pole on the roof
-Coordination with Pepco, and obtaining permits

Needless to say we will be recommending Electrical Connections to all of our family and friends, and anyone else who is looking for a seriously great electrician!

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