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Thanksgiving Holiday Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Holiday Safety Tips

The Thanksgiving holiday is a special time during the year where friends and family get together to share new memories, take a trip down memory lane and of course break bread over a delicious meal! In order to make sure your holiday is enjoyable and safe, here are some safety tips to remember while entertaining guests on Thanksgiving.

  • Test your smoke detector before your start cooking! Push the test button to make sure it is working properly.
  • Clear an area in the kitchen for guest to gather, so you can remain in the kitchen while cooking. This way you won’t feel like you are missing out visiting with family and friends and can keep an eye on the food while it’s cooking.
  • Do NOT leave your home while the turkey is cooking. We understand that it does take many hours to cook a turkey and there could be several reasons you need to leave your home during that time. Make sure to coordinate with someone else in your home, so they can run an errand or pickup someone for you, that way you can concentrate on cooking.
  • Keep children away from cooking areas in your kitchen. Avoid serious burns from opening hot oven doors, splashing of hot liquids from gravy or hot steam from vegetables.
  • Keep knives and dangerous electrical cords (from electronics) out of reach from children. Address any electrical cords that might be hanging while plugged in and unplug any cords that you are not using.
  • Keep the pathway clear in your kitchen! Remove bags, toys (from children and pets) and other clutter that will pose a tripping hazard.
  • Make sure you have a working fire extinguisher in your kitchen and understand how to use it if needed.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing that could potentially catch on fire from hot stovetops. Also be aware of where you place dish towels and oven mitts.

Hopefully these tips will be a great refresher as you are preparing an amazing meal for your loved ones. From our family at Electrical Connections to yours, we want to wish everybody a Happy (and SAFE) Thanksgiving Holiday!

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